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Express Bite
Express Bite is an innovate, social start-up with the objective of piloting programs in Los Angeles County to eliminate food insecurities and impact areas specified to be Los Angeles “Food Deserts” by using renovated buses to serve as a mobile produce market that will offer fruits and vegetables and other healthy food choices as well as educating consumers and enrolling them in various programs that will best serve their needs. The two pilot programs to fulfill on this mission are as follows: Los Angeles Mobile Produce (LAMP): An innovative way to provide food access using mobile transportation (i.e., bus) to offer healthy, fresh and affordable produce that is easily accessible to those communities that most need it. Food Access Street Team (FAST): Working in conjunction with the LAMP program, FAST will provide best practice in eliminating food insecurities at the community level by providing education, counseling, and enrollment into a variety of programs designed to provide access.
express bite Certified Food Commissary-Original