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Alice & The Giant Emptiness

by Lucia
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The Solid State works alongside the non-profit children's charity The Smith Family on 'Tales of the One in Ten', a series of short films that hope to raise awareness about disadvantaged children in Australia.

There are over 638,000 kids in Australia (that's 1 in 10!) that have to deal with some tough issues due to difficult financial circumstances - this shocking statistic is largely unknown in this country.

These animated films are based on the real life stories of children that come through the doors of The Smith Family.  The first film of the series, Alice & The Giant Emptiness, told the tale of a young girl, who overcomes a negative self-image to live a life full of possibility, which received a Golden Trailer award.

David & the Big Heavy, the second film of the series, follows the true story of a young immigrant boy who struggles to cope with a myriad of issues at home and school as his family adjusts to life in a new country. This contemporary tale deals with the unique difficulties faced by immigrant families when beginning their journey in a new country with English as their second language. At only two and a half minutes, David & the Big Heavy touches, enlightens and informs.

For more information head to or follow on Twitter @talesofthe1in10 with the unique hashtag #talesofthe1in10

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