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Greenpeace Poland - To the Last Tree Standing

by Silvio Acevedo
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Persuading people to take any action is all about making them feel in a certain way about things. So many times cold hard facts just won´t do, even when they are overwhelming.

Bialowieza Forest is a large remain of the primeval forest, that used to occupy an important part of Europe. It´s importance for ecological balance made UNESCO declare it as a Biosphere Reserve, as well as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it was also declared a Natura 2000 Special Area of Conservation by the European Union.

However, this didn´t stop the Polish Goverment from letting illegal logging in the Bialowieza Forest to happen, even going as far as to close the forest down. This situation had important press coverage, but it was clear to Greenpeace Poland that awareness alone wouldn´t be enough. It was necesary not only to let common Polish people to know and understand this was wrong, but to actually make them want to do something about it.

To get this done for them, Ogilvy and Mather Poland created a strategy based on a powerful feeling: the sense of loss. As the popular saying reads, you don't know what you've got until you loose it, and the agency found a way to make Polish people (specially young people) feel like this before the forest was actually gone. And to use that feeling to strike back.

They created a Minecraft accurate map of Polish side of the Bialowieza Forest, and made it accessible to the public. It eventually became popular among minecraft gamers, and by the time it was well known of, they replaced it with another version, in which every tree of the forest was cut down, but one -the last tree standing-.

The effect of the campaign was contundent, driving Polish public opinion strongly against logging. Eventually, the Minister of Enviroment had to resign and the logging stopped, due to the effort NGOs and Polish people, which the campaign became a part of.

Winner in Cannes 2018

Entertainment Lions
- Excellence in Brand Integration & Promotional Content for Games (Gold Lion)
- Talent: Digital & Social (Bronze Lion)

Media Lions
- Sectors > Not-for-profit / Charity (Gold Lion)
- Channels > Use of Social Platforms (Silver Lion)
- Use of Branded Content created for Digital or Social (Bronze Lion)

Social & Influencer Lions

- Content Placement (Gold Lion)
- Innovative Use of Community (Bronze Lion)
- Sectors > Not-for-profit / Charity (Bronze Lion)
- Social Purpose (Bronze Lion)
- Community Building & Management (Shortlisted)
- Low Budget / High Impact Campaign (Shortlisted)

Brand Experience & Activation Lions
- Social Engagement & Integration for Live Experience (Silver Lion)
- Connected Experience (Shortlisted)

PR Lions
- Content-led Engagement & Marketing (Silver Lion)
- Social Community Building & Management (Bronze Lion)
- Sectors > Not-for-profit / Charity (Shortlisted)

Direct Lions
- Digital & Social > Co-creation & User Generated Content (Bronze Lion)


OGILVY POLAND Warsaw, Poland Entrant Company
OGILVY POLAND Warsaw, Poland Idea Creation
SHOOTME VISUAL ARTISTS Warsaw, Poland Idea Creation
AMP POLAND Warsaw, Poland Idea Creation
SOUNDS GOOD Warsaw, Poland Idea Creation
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SHOOTME VISUAL ARTISTS Warsaw, Poland Production
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GEOBOXERS Copenhagen, Denmark Production
LIFETUBE Warsaw, Poland Media Placement
OGILVY POLAND Warsaw, Poland Media Placement
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NEW AGE MEDIA Warsaw, Poland Media Placement


Tytus Klepacz Ogilvy & Mather Poland Executive Creative Director
Maciej Twardowski Ogilvy & Mather Poland Executive Creative Director
Wojciech Kowalik Ogilvy & Mather Poland Senior Copywriter
Daniel Marciniak Ogilvy & Mather Poland Art Director
Mateus Cerqueira Ogilvy & Mather Poland Art Director


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