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Reporters Without Borders - The Uncensored Playlist

by Silvio Acevedo
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Eluding censorship always required ingenuity. From lemon juice ink to sophisticated criptography, passing on the message whenever forbidden requires the ability to come up with something that the censors don´t yet know about, and that can actually deliver the message to the people meat to receive it in a way that works. In other words, it takes creativity.

If one thinks it this way, it actually is a very appropriate challenge for an agency, which DDB Group Berlin met in an outstanding way, as they decided the best way to help Reporters Without Borders fighting censorship was to actually get the job done.

They achieved this by basically hacking online censorship. They figured that even countries that block news sites to make information unavaliable, don´t forbid access to online music streaming platforms.

So they assembled a music team to create songs that could make censored stories reach the audiences of five coutries where the prohibition would had made it impossible otherwise. As the songs where published, international media was alerted about the project, so it didn´t only reach the itended audiences, but the whole world as well.


Winner in Cannes 2018 (8 Awards)

Entertainment Lions for Music:
- Use of Music Streaming Platform or Video Hosting Service (Gold Lion)
- Use of Original Composition (Bronze Lion)

Radio & Audio Lions:
- Use of Radio or Audio as a Medium (Gold Lion)
- Branded Content / Programming (Silver Lion)

PR Lions:
- Content-led Engagement & Marketing (Silver Lion)
- Innovative Use of Social Media (Shortlisted)

Digital Craft Lions:
- Form > Music / Sound Design (Bronze Lion)

Media Lions:
- Use of Branded Content created for Digital or Social (Shortlisted)

Company Location Role
DDB GROUP GERMANY Berlin, Germany Entrant Company
DDB GROUP GERMANY Berlin, Germany Idea Creation
DAHOUSE AUDIO Sao Paulo, Brazil Production
LE TOUR DU MONDE Sao Paulo, Brazil Production
MEDIAMONKS Amsterdam, The Netherlands Production
FINCHFACTOR Amsterdam, The Netherlands PR
DDB GROUP GERMANY Berlin, Germany Media Placement
Person Company Role
Dennis May DDB Group Germany Chief Creative Officer
Gabriel Mattar DDB Group Germany Executive Creative Director
Ricardo Wolff DDB Group Germany Creative Director
Patrik Lenhart DDB Group Germany Senior Copywriter
Felipe Cury DDB Group Germany Senior Art Director
Jack Christensen DDB Group Germany Senior Copywriter
Marco Lemcke DDB Group Germany Senior Digital Art Director
Lis Ferreira DDB Group Germany Junior Art Director
Evandro Scudeler DDB Group Germany Junior Art Director
Bianca Dordea DDB Group Germany Chief Executive DDB Berlin
Sarah Bensel DDB Group Germany Account Director
Lucas Mayer DaHouse Audio Music Director
Cassiano Derenji DaHouse Audio Account Manager
Iris Fuzaro Le Tour Du Monde Film Director
Sascha Gerlach Sascha Gerlach Editor
Robert-Jan Blonk MediaMonks Interactive Producer
Lisa van Boekhout finchfactor PR

Source: Cannes Lions Website.

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