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Ad Council, Maddies Fund, The Humane Society Of The United States - The Shelter Pet Project

by Silvio Acevedo
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This campaign, like other campaigns that aim to persuade people to adopt animals from pet shelters rather than buying them, is based in showing the abandoned animals as unique and special.

When a new celebrity becomes famous, sooner or later someone asks ´where did he or she come from´. When this happens, humble origins can be better regarded than a past of privilege. This campaign is about the stories of pets that become a social media success, with massive amounts of likes in well known social media platform accounts. In the video ads, their owners explain what they found so unique and special about their cat or dog as to share it with the world.

But in spite of the differences this three ‘stars’ can have, they all came from a shelter. All the charisma this social media ‘divas’ have and flamboyantly display for their fanbase, didn’t have noble roots. This way, just like what happens with human stars, their humble origins are dignified. They may not have pedigree, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be special and adorable.

The emotionally compelling stories this campaign tells, can therefore reach a large audience of potential pet adopters, who can identify with them and, eventually, make a story of their own. 

More ads from the campaign and information in The Shelter Pet Project website.

Winner in Cannes 2016

Category: Cyber > Social > Influencer / Talent > N/A 
Award: Silver

Agency: J. Walter Thompson
Brand: Ad Council, Maddies Fund, The Humane Society Of The United States
Country: USA
Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, New York
Entrant Company: J. Walter Thompson, New York
Media Agency: J. Walter Thompson, New York
Pr Agency: J. Walter Thompson, New York
Production Company: J. Walter Thompson, New York
Additional Company: J. Walter Thompson, New York
Art Buyer: Frannie Schultz (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Global Business Director: Greg Mcconnell (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Producer: Nick Orsini (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Account Director: Stephanie Blake (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Brent Choi (J. Walter Thompson)
Assistant Editor: Colin Edelman (Ps260)
Director Of Digital: Jennifer Usdan Mcbride (J. Walter Thompson)
Senior Copywriter: Andrew Curtis (J. Walter Thompson)
Senior Art Director: Ben Morejon (J. Walter Thompson)
Planner: Jackie Prince (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Audio Engineer: Rob Fielack (Plush)
Tv Producer: Andrea Rodriguez (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Executive Producer: Dana Villareal (Plush)
Producer: Donna Lee (Ps260)
Executive Creative Director: Florent Imbert (J. Walter Thompson)
Director Of Broadcast Talent: Jamie Whitfield (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Senior Print Producer: Steve Sincero (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Music Artist: Charles L. Schmidt (Charles L. Schmidt)
Director: Claire Cottrell (Decon)
Editor: Dustin Stephens (Ps260)
Project Manager: Lauren Galanek (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Executive Creative Director: Emmanuel Lalleve (J. Walter Thompson, New York)
Music Artist: Lullatone (Lullatone)

Sources: Ads of the World, Advertolog, Cannes Lions ArchiveThe Shelter Pet Project website.

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