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Grey Brasil / Reclame Aqui - The art of waiting

by Silvio Acevedo
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It´s usually accepted that retaining a customer is cheaper than making a new one. This is the reason why many companies make it difficult to cancel a contract of a service, making the process as long as possible to discourage the decision. This happens to be the case of internet, mobile and cable tv in Brasil, except in this cases waiting can actually take months. In order to both stress the disproportionate amount ot time required for this task, as well as the value this time has, Reclame Aqui and Grey Brazil invited the graffiti artist Vermelho, to call his mobile company to cancel the service, and during all the time he had to wait for this to actually happen, he made graffitis painting on a wall, right in front of the company´s headquarters. The action not only archieved social and massive media exposure, it actually inspired a new draft law, that made it possible to cancel one´s service in five minutes.

You can visit Reclame Aqui´s website here.

Winner in Cannes 2015
Category: Pr Practices & Specialisms Corporate Reputation & Communication
Award: Silver

Brand: Reclame Aqui
Media: Ambient
Category: Public interest
Agency: Grey
Geo: Brazil
Grey Brasil / Reclame Aqui: The art of waiting
Advertising Agency: Grey Brasil
Chief Creative Officer: Rodrigo Jatene
Creative Director: Federico Russi
Creatives: Eduardo Nose, Lucas Heck
Copywriter: Federico Russi
Media: Davi Monteiro
RTVC: Natacha Veiga, Renata Ruas
Directors: Diego Biazzon, Matheus Ruas
Executive Producer: Tiago Schenk
Producer Account Executive: Tiago Schenk
Post-Production: Produtora Studio Fly
Production / Finish: Produtora Studio Fly
Sound Production: Technologica Áudio Online
Producer (Sound Track): Andre Ditti
Sound Engineer: Lucas Benetti
VO Direction: Felipe Pagnossin
Sound Design: Lucas Benetti
Producer Account Executive: Vivi Rocha
The Ambient Advert titled The art of waiting was done by Grey Sao Paulo advertising agency for brand: Reclame Aqui in Brazil. It was released in the Jun 2015.

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