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The longest language school commercial ever

by Lucia
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Mobilish School is a worldwide marketing campaign launched in 2014 to make people face the issue of smartphone addiction by creating a language that does not exist in the real world.

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The language is based on the finding that people usually take interjections like “Uh-huh” or “Hmm” as answers to any questions while they are busy checking their smartphones.These words are exaggerated as vowels of a language —Mobilish. The main message of the campaign was that though these words are meaningless, they still hurt. People should pay attention of their words and behaviors when they are on mobiles.

Instead of telling people to put down their smartphones, we prefer a funnier and ironic way. We designed whole language systems to emphasize the simplicity and efficiency of Mobilish, moreover, a 2 -hour long commercial called ” The longest language school commercial ever” was released to show how the future world will look like if people keep phubbing each other.

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